How much do your installs cost?

Install prices and packages can be found HERE

Are prices the same for all vehicle types or models?

Yes, our prices are the same right across the board. Small cars, big trucks, SUVs, coups, exotics, hot rods. For example, our Silver package is $649 + GST. This price is the same for a small Hyundai Accent as it is for a Ford F450.

Is there wiggle room on your prices?

No. Calgary PPF applies the same pricing structure to all makes and models. These prices are set along the average vehicle size. Our pricing is meant to be simple and concrete, and unlike most other companies, our prices are published clearly for all to see. No funny business.

Does my choice of film brand effect the price?

No, not at all. Calgary PPF is happy to offer the three world leading films for your install all at the same price, with the same warranty. 3M Pro Series, Xpel Ultimate, and Suntek Ultra. These films are all self-healing and optically clear.

How much does your home install service cost?

Our home installs are offered at no cost. What is important however, is that you have adequate facilities for our crew to work in. Facilities such as a home garage, enclosed parkade, warehouse, hangar, etc. Basically anything that is enclosed and protected from wind and dust.
***During the winter facilities must be heated.

What if I don’t have adequate facilities?

No worries, we have 3 locations within the greater Calgary area we can serve you at:

NE Calgary: U-WRENCH – 1420 40 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6L1

COCHRANE: HD Auto Detailing – 80 Railway St E Unit 2, Cochrane, AB T4C 2B5

AIRDRIE: Horizon Glass and Mirror – 32 East Lake Green NE, AIrdrie, AB T4A 2J2