XPEL’s Mobile Clear Bra Installers

XPEL Ultimate paint protection film is a clear urethane adhesive film that protects your vehicle’s paint finish from nicks, stone chips, abrasions and bumper scuffs.

Our technicians are specially trained and certified to install XPEL Ultimate paint protection film on all car brands and models. We help you protect your car’s surface finish on with XPEL Ultimate clear bra paint protection film, it also protects your car hood, bumpers, lights and more. Calgary PPF guarantees a perfect fit with our XPEL Ultimate clear bra kit.

Calgary PPF has been the leading Clear Bra specialists for over 15 years. We use only the highest grade, XPEL Ultimate PPF self-healing film. Edges wrap perfectly around your hood, doors and fenders. Time and care is taken to ensure the best, bubble-free bond.

XPEL Ultimate invisible film is strong, and durable.

We offer complete XPEL Ultimate PPF installation and exceptional warranties and affordable mobile service.

XPEL Ultimate paint protection film is the best investment you could make to safeguard your car’s paint finish.

This product offers a self-healing, clear-coat protection for maximum shine and is warrantied against yellowing, cracking and peeling. Paint Protection Film can also be used to protect headlights from cracks, scratches, chips, yellowing, and hazy buildup.

No amount of careful driving or parking can protect your car better than XPEL paint protection film.

You could buy touch-up paint and try to fix damage as it happens, but you’ll never get back to the glimmering, immaculate paint job you had when you left the showroom.

PPF offers breakthrough technology for paint protection applications. Our features and benefits include:

Invisible protection from damage caused by rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris

A proprietary, self healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack
resistant with a high-gloss finish

Superior optical clarity

Easy installation and increased longevity

Five-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

PPF C (Paint Protection Top-coated)

PPF M (Paint Protection Matte)

Protect your Vehicle from road damage with XPEL Clear Bra

Calgary PPF’s technicians are mobile and always ready to meet you where you are. Serving Calgary area residents in their own parkade spots, businesses and homes. We are open 7 days a week, from 8am – 8pm. And we offer same day and last minute service.

Don’t have a spot for us to install? Ask about our many Calgary locations. All warranty work and repairs are done at our expense and at your convenience.

Calgary PPF offers the following brands:


3M Pro Series
Includes 10 year warranty


Xpel Ultimate
Includes 10 year warranty


Includes 10 year warranty